Wind turbine repair

CompositePatch is the ultimate in-field system for wind blade repairs.

In an increasingly demanding and competitive market, maintenance is a key issue for energy producers. Fast and reliable wind turbine repairs means companies save time and money. This is where CompositePatch can make a difference.

Marine repair

Not just a question of speed, but of safety.

How many desperate sailors leading a race the day before hitting an un-identified floating object, breaking a rudder or a dagger board or any other crucial part of their boat see the second boat fly past taking advantage of the wind system? CompositePatch was created just for this type of situation, providing reliable boat fiberglass repairs.

A breakdown during a sea crossing can cost not only victory, but the lives of the entire crew. On long voyages, many of our partners and customers have been able to reach port with our emergency repair packs.


While installing large irrigation pipe or sewage system, it is easy to slightly damage the pipes due to their large size.

The next thing happening is the difficult decision of installing the damaged pipe or the costly option to send a truck back to the depot where the pipes come from and scraping the damaged pipe for often just a small dent – but that the end customer will not accept during commissioning.

Civil engineering

CompositePatch is the ultimate field repair system for almost every material.

Consolidating steel beams or fixing cracks in or concrete columns, walls or tanks are often considered as minor repairs within the civil engineering world, and the crews are not always trained as most of the products used in construction are designed for easy field applications.


Repairing space satellites while in orbit.

New commercial interest in on-orbit servicing of satellites is in large part due to the decreased costs of launching commercial satellites and the rise of low orbit, rather than geostationary, satellites for which servicing costs less.


CompositePatch enables train repairs out of service centres.

Most modern trains incorporate FRP parts which are subject to impacts due to the nature of railway transport. These impacts are normally repaired in service centres but CompositePatch patches enable field repairs when trains are stationed out of service center – by any climate conditions and by non composite specialist thanks to its simple operation application system.


How many races have been lost because the carbon repair system was not fast enough?

When a few seconds can be a matter of winning a race to have the fastest carbon repair system makes a difference. Carrying CompositePatch emergency repair kit to the races may make te difference. 

Carbon bikes

CompositePatch accompanies cyclists across the continent.

The carbon fibre used in today’s modern bicycles offers very good tensile resistance, enabling to produce light and tough frames, but it is inherently not good on impacts. CompositePatch offers a fast and lightweight solution for these cases.

Water Sports and Leisure

Composites are nowadays part of mosts ports and leisure items.

Whether you're surfing or embarking on an kayak expedition to the Arctic, you may need a composite repair system. Composites are nowadays part of most sports and leisure items, and the inherent use of these items makes them prone to break.

Swimming pools

CompositePatch is the easy and fast solution  for repairing swimming pools .

In the face of low rainfall and increasing droughts, emptying swimming pools for repair and maintenance is no longer an option in many areas.


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