CompositePatch is the ultimate in-field system for wind blade repairs.

In an increasingly demanding and competitive market, maintenance is a key issue for energy producers. Fast and reliable wind turbine repairs means companies save time and money. This is where CompositePatch can make a difference.

Our patches tackle the cause of 80% of all defective repairs:
mismeasured resins, hardeners and fibers.

In our product, the resin, hardener and fiber is accurately measured, so no additional tools or training in composites are necessary.
No more resin ratio mistakes, no more hauling buckets of resin up to the nacelle. Crews can take as many CompositePatch patches as they want up the blade, assess the damage and choose the right size and type of patch.

Once the repair is finished, 90% of the resin strength is reached just hours later in any weather conditions. As no post-curing is needed, the downtime of the Aero generator is cut, drastically reducing wind blade repair costs while still being able to guarantee a top-quality result.


No post-curing necessary for fully-restored mechanical performance.

No need for composite-trained experts.

Ideal for wind turbine in-field repairs.


Worldwide repair success with identical end results.

Human errors are reduced so no more mixing mistakes.

Reduces contaminated waste, improving health & safety. 

"All weather"

Works in all weather conditions, reducing dramatically down-times, set-up times and repair costs.

Cures in driving rain and freezing conditions.


Blade manufacturer’s specified fiber can be used.

All RAL color-pigmented resins.

 Can be supplied and can be painted over.

  • Over 10 years blade repairs proven track record. Approved and used by OEMs worldwide.
  • Faster repairs: 90 minutes at 60ºC curing with standard heating blankets.
  • Allweather resin systems: -20oC/+40oC application range & high relative humidity – reducing of the weather factor with all year round repairs made possible optimizing resources.
  • CompositePatch enables to perform structural repairs with guarantee of constant quality by its error proof system– no more mixing ratio errors, always the same fiber/resin ratio.
  • DNV-GL approved resins and fibre. Possibility to use manufacturer’s specified fibers.
  • Field repairs made cheaper: Reduction of overall repairs costs by reducing cranes/nacelles or supply ships hours. Overall cost reduction of commissioning, down times and repairs costs.
  • Reduction of contaminated wastes: no scales, no mixing pots, etc.
  • H&S friendliness: market ́s first non CMR DNV/GL fast repair system.
  • Available in all formats: patches, cartridges and clip packs.

Leading wind blade manufacturers have tested and approved our composite patches for the reduction of down-time by being able to carry out fast wind blade repairs with no weather window waits.


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