A 10-minute repair that will last a lifetime.

CompositePatch was born in 2011 as the first field composite repair solution for any user, with no need for knowledge in composites.

An innovative solution that was created for marine repairs, but which has gradually been demonstrating its efficiency in multiple sectors, from small repairs in sports equipment to repairs of wind turbine blades.


2008: A chemical engineer specialized in thermosetting resins, a materials engineer in charge of the material selection and composite structures fabrication processes of America's cup boats & space structures join their experiences with an epoxy resin formulator to create a composite field repair system.

After 3 years of R+D AplTecTM Composite Patch SL. is founded and its patches are approved for repairs during the Volvo Ocean Race 2010/2011, the “Everest” of ocean races, on board of the Telefónica 70´ VOR and proves itself as a valid structural all weather repair system during the race.

Composite Patch soon becomes a success in the yachting market, being used by 50% of the Vendée Globe 2012/2013 teams and of the Mini Transat 2013. It becomes a standard in polar expeditions thanks to its cold weather cure capability and at the same time starts introducing to other industrial markets as military, pipes and wind energy, being approved in 2015 by major Wind blade manufacturers as field repair system and in introduced for Aerospace repair applications by aircraft manufacturers.

To this day it is still the repair system for the Volvo Ocean Race, wind farms have been repaired at in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, USA, Turkey, Romania...etc. And the first tests have now been carried out for emergency repairs in orbit on space missions.


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