Repairing space satellites while in orbit.

New commercial interest in on-orbit servicing of satellites is in large part due to the decreased costs of launching commercial satellites and the rise of low orbit, rather than geostationary, satellites for which servicing costs less.

CompositePatch allows any on-board technician to carry out structural repairs easily and quickly.

Composite Patch offers a possibility for a non-composite specialist  to succeed  in repairing even in the difficult conditions of space due to its simple operation application and thermomechanical properties.

The ready-to-use repair kit includes a sealed plastic pouch containing the pre-cut fiber patch plus the exact amount of resin and hardener necessary to carry out the repair, guaranteeing optimum results every time. 

On-orbit repairs have never been so easy, as the repair kit removes the need for measuring scales, mixing and stirring equipment, rollers and brushes, or cleaning solvents. Simply load the pre-prepared patch and stick it like a sticker on the damaged surface, remove the bubbles and wait for curing.

CompositePatch cures fast and successfully even in the most extreme conditions of outer space.


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