We design turnkey solutions for service and repair companies.​

All system engineering activities must include testing and validation procedures. In order to best develop the product to the demands of the customer and increase the possibility of market success, large organizations test the customer's perception of the proposed product during the pre-concept phase. 

Virtual tools are used in the early stages of development to make sure that all functional requirements are met, that the product can be constructed, and that the various components fit together. Various tests must be conducted in the later stages, for example, to guarantee that environmental and safety standards are satisfied, durability is proven, and so on.

Finally, testing takes place just before production begins to determine whether the product can be manufactured, to show its quality, and to perform any last-minute inspections.

CompositePatch engineering team has an extensive in house experience to calculate, simulate, test and produce specific repairs solutions for large OEM customers but also for service/repair companies that need guidance on how to do a repair.

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