CompositePatch is the easy and fast solution  for repairing swimming pools .

In the face of low rainfall and increasing droughts, emptying swimming pools for repair and maintenance is no longer an option in many areas.

In this context, a break or leak in a pool can be a serious problem, especially during the summer. This is why there is a growing need for non-draining repair solutions to keep swimming pools in good working order and in good condition. 

CompositePatch patches are the answer to this problem. They allow simple pool repairs to be carried out in less than 20 minutes, with reliable and durable results. 

Fast and flawless pool repairs

Any untrained personnel can repair a pool with CompositePatch because it is error-proof: For the fiber patch, the proper ratio of resin to hardener is pre-dosed. The resin is yellow and the hardener is blue: If the mixture is not green, the mixture is not ready. 

Simply cut open the plastic and once the fiber has been moistened and blended apply the repair patch to the damaged surface of the pool. 

While ensuring that the repair will be structurally sound and long-lasting, CompositePatch makes composite repairs simple and straightforward.

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