CompositePatch accompanies cyclists across the continent.

The carbon fibre used in today’s modern bicycles offers very good tensile resistance, enabling to produce light and tough frames, but it is inherently not good on impacts. CompositePatch offers a fast and lightweight solution for these cases.

The fastest and easiest carbon fiber bike repair solution.

Simple curb falls often end up in a cracked frame. On those occasions CompositePatch's carbon fibre bicycle repair kit can make all the difference.

It is not only a fast and economic carbon repair solution, but also accessible to any user, thanks to its error-proof system. It works almost as a sticker: mix the content, spread it all over the patch and apply over the damaged carbon surface.

A single patch has been used to repair 3 carbon bike frames in the award winning video explaining how to repair a cracked frame by any bicycle user with a guaranteed success.

Bicycles are repaired on all continent with C5XS and C5 patches.

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