How many races have been lost because the carbon repair system was not fast enough?

When a few seconds can be a matter of winning a race to have the fastest carbon repair system makes a difference. Carrying CompositePatch emergency repair kit to the races may make te difference.  

Composite Patch allows permanent structural repairs only in a few minutes, and no training is needed to apply it.

CompositePatch allows repairs to be carried out in a matter of minutes in the most extreme conditions. No matter where the race is located, even in freezing condition or under the desert sun, you will be perfectly prepared for any carbon fibre repair on broken or cracked parts. 

Your trusted mechanics will be able to carry out the repair of your race car without any prior training in composites, thanks to the easy-to-use system we have developed. The process is very simple. Remove the patch from the tube, mark with a marker pen the template of the break to be repaired. With everything well marked, remove the clip and use it to mix the perfect mixture of resin and hardener and spread it all over the patch. Once soaked, simply remove the plastic and apply the patch to the surface to be repaired. 

Proven track records in races such as  Formula 1, Lemans series  or Dakar Rally validate Composite Patch as an upcoming standard in carbon motor racing repairs.

Even with a component failure, you can still compete and wind the race.


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