CompositePatch enables train repairs out of service centres.

Most modern trains incorporate FRP parts which are subject to impacts due to the nature of railway transport. These impacts are normally repaired in service centres but CompositePatch patches enable field repairs when trains are stationed out of service center – by any climate conditions and by non composite specialist thanks to its simple operation application system.

Patches offer excellent adhesion on all substracts with a good impact resistance

Our Patch is nearly as easy-to-use as a sticker: once mixed, it may be cut and repositioned as necessary before it hardens – like a pre-preg. Using a permanent marker to draw the exact template of the repair on the plastic pouch enables precise and much easier to cut than dry fibre—and it keeps its size unlike dry fibre.

CompositePatch cures fast and successfully even in wet and freezing conditions. CompositePatch removes the need for measuring scales, mixing and stirring equipment, rollers and brushes, or cleaning solvents.

In addition, our patches are fully customisable maybe pigmented in any RAL colour and can even be painted, adapting to the aesthetics of the train part to be repaired. 


EN 45545 solutions are also available.

Compliance with safety standards is essential when choosing specialist insulation materials for the rail industry. Our entire range of Fire Resistant materials for the rail industry strictly complies with all industry requirements for fire, smoke and toxic fumes to increase safety in the event of a fire on board. All insulation materials for trains must comply with EN 45545 and meet the European standard for fire protection in railway vehicles.


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