Composites are nowadays part of mosts ports and leisure items.

Whether you're surfing or embarking on an kayak expedition to the Arctic, you may need a composite repair system. Composites are nowadays part of most sports and leisure items, and the inherent use of these items makes them prone to break.

CompositePatch will allow you to make quick repairs like a true composite expert, 
thanks to its error-proof system.

Composite parts are possible to repair in 99% of the cases – but only trained persons can do the repairs and the materials needed are rarely readily available: resin, hardener, fibre, rollers and brushes, electronic scale, acetone...

CompositePatch offers simple readily repair solutions. It will work under any weather, does not need any ancillary materials and is a easy-to-use system so any untrained person can use it: The exact amount of resin and hardener needed is pre-dosed for the fiber patch. The resin is yellow, the hardener is blue: as long as the mix is not green, it means the mix is not ready. Once mixed and the fibre wet, just cut open the plastic and apply the repair patch - as simple as that.

While in most cases, our customers work with kayaks and paddles, CompositePatch has been successfully tested on surfboard deck repairs too. We use a specially formulated high end eco epoxy surfboard resin with bio-sourced raw materials and the best Hexcel 7,25 oz glassfibre your board is most probably made of. It will adapt to flat, complex shapes & sharp angles. Your repairs will be crystal clear, with a good UV resistance - and as ecological as possible. Repairs carried on with Composite Patch are structural & definitive. They may be sanded and polished or painted if needed.


With CompositePatch you don't have to put your plans on hold.


CompositePatch makes surfboard and kayak repairs simple and straightforward while guaranteeing that the repair will be structural and long lasting. 90% of the resin strength is obtained only hours after the gel in any weather condition. They may be sanded and polished or painted if needed. After few hours, you know the repair is structural and sound and you can get in the race again or continue your expedition.

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