CompositePatch is the ultimate field repair system for almost every material.

Consolidating steel beams or fixing cracks in or concrete columns, walls or tanks are often considered as minor repairs within the civil engineering world, and the crews are not always trained as most of the products used in construction are designed for easy field applications.

Our patches tackle the problem in most failed repairs: 
mismeasured resins, hardeners and fibres

Composite repairs are not easy field applications: Using epoxy resins means exact mixing ratios, wetting the fibre with the right amount of resin, carrying pails of resin, hardeners, electronic scales, roller and brushes, acetone to clean the material used  and this is not always easy to obtain on the field.

Should these ratios lack accuracy, the structural integrity of the repair is compromised. CompositePatch offers a definitive repair solution that may be used by un-trained workers under any weather conditions including under heavy rains or freezing conditions.


CompositePatchis a error proof repair system: There is the right amount of resin/hardener ratio prepared for the fibre patch.


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The resin is yellow, the hardener is blue: as long as the mix is not green, it means the mix is not ready. Once mixed and the fibre wet, jut cut open the plastic and apply the repair patch.  

No need for scales to weight the resin+hardener, rollers and brushes, acetone...etc. CompositePatch makes composite repairs simple and straightforward – while guaranteeing that the repair will be structural and long lasting.


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