Not just a question of speed, but of safety.

How many desperate sailors leading a race the day before hitting an un-identified floating object, breaking a rudder or a dagger board or any other crucial part of their boat see the second boat fly past taking advantage of the wind system? CompositePatch was created just for this type of situation, providing reliable boat fiberglass repairs.

A breakdown during a sea crossing can cost not only victory, but the lives of the entire crew. On long voyages, many of our partners and customers have been able to reach port with our emergency repair packs.

CompositePatch for fiberglass boat repair is an error-proof system: 
no more mismeasured resins, hardeners and fibers.

Crack open one of the orange emergency boat repair kits, in less than five minutes you will have mixed the resin and hardener and wetted the reinforcement fabric ready to fix to the damaged area. In these types of emergency and nerve wreaking situation the last thing you should have to worry about is having to care about the resin hardener ratio or how many resin you need to prepare for that size reinforcement. 

CompositePatch is an error-proof repair system: the resin is yellow, the hardener is blue: as long as the mix is not green, it mean the mix is not ready. One mixed and the fibre impregnated, just cut open the plastic and apply the repair patch.  

You don't need to be inside, even in the worst condition of wind, waves, rain and cold weather you can keep that giant dagger board on the deck and fix it there. 90% of the resin strength is obtained only hours after the gel in any weather condition. After few hours, you know the fiberglass boat repair is structural and sound and you can get in the race again.

General Yacthing Repair

For general yachting, the CompositePatch boat repair kit is a safety kit that will help you repair or at least temporary mend a crack or a hole in a punctured hull enabling you to continue your trip.

No need of composite training or having to carry on-board scales to weight the resin and hardener, or any other tools.

Work boats repair

On fishing boats or any type of working boat CompositePatch is simply the fix-it-all solution so you can keep on working and operating your boat.

The format of the emergency kit is very light and easy to store, so you don't have to worry about carrying large boat repair kits.

CompositePatch makes composite repairs simple and straightforward.


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